• Tentative College Calendar (2018 -19)
    Proposed admission/vacation/examination schedule


    Admission Schedule for B.A./B.com


    Sr. No. Period Days Remarks
    1 15-06-2018 to 24-06-2018 10 days Submission of admission forms
    2 25-06-2018 to 27-06-2018 3 days Display of merit list
    3 28-06-2018 to 30-06-2018 3 days Fee deposit & Display of II Merit list & Final fee deposit
    A 01-07-2018 to 14-10-2018 106 Regular Teaching of I, III & V Semester
    B 15-10-2018 to 03-11-2018

    09-11-2018 to 14-11-2018



    Total= 26days

    End Semester Examination (Practical & Theory I, III & V Semester)
    C 15-11-2018 to 20-12-2018

    05-02-2019 to 14-04-2019


    69 days


    Regular Teaching of II, IV & VI Semester
    D 21-12-2018 to 31-12-2018 11 days Evaluation of I, III &V Semester
    E 15-04-2019 to 10-05-2019 26days End Semester Examination (Practical & Theory II, IV & VI Semester)
    F 01-01-2019 to 04-02-2019

     04-11-2018 to 08-11-2018

    22-05-2019 to 15-06-2019





    (i)      Winter Vacation

    (ii)   Diwali Break

    (iii)           Summer Vacation

    G 11-05-2019 to 21-05-2019 11days Evaluation of II, IV, VI Semester

    Note:- Admission is open for all students on Roll on basis, who are otherwise eligible without waiting for the final result. Roll on system means the students who has appeared in the I,II& V semester will go to the II, IV, VI semester as per the schedule without waiting for the result of the I,III & V semester. However, He/She will have to fulfil all the formalities lay down by the collee authorities like filling up of the admission form, if any, and depositing the prescribed fees.

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