The driving force at G.D.C Diggal is a highly qualified and dedicated faculty. The teachers attend various Orientation and Refresher’s Courses, faculty development programme, seminars, conferences, and workshops to upgrade and update their knowledge and to catch up with the latest theories and trends in their respective fields. As a result, our students have consistently excelled in academics and extra-curricular activities. A number of teachers have published articles in leading journals of the Country and many of them are working on research projects and upgrading their academic profile.


Dr. Het Ram Bhardwaj

Department Of English

Dr. Daleep Bali

Department Of Economics

Dr. Rakesh Singh 

Department Of Music

Dr. Het Ram Bhardwaj

Department Of Sociology

Dr. Suraj Kumari

Department Of Maths

Dr. Sumit Gupta

Department Of History

Prof. Dharmender Kumar 

Department Of Commerce

Prof. Naresh Kumar  

Prof. Ritika Panjta

Department Of Hindi

Prof. Sunita Sharma

Administrative Staff

Sh. Kamlesh Kumar Chauhan
Sr. Assistant

Sh. Jai Nand Garg
Superintendent ( Grade II)

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